Sunny and Dance carve totems to sell on the sidewalk. They get drunk progressively. It typically takes the day or at least the morning. The sharp tools and hand thrusts unnerve certain passersby, but Sunny and Dance always smile up from their sidewalk slouches. My sister has a fox carving she commissioned Sunny to make for the baby a few months back. The baby has two teeth which is one more than Dance now. Sunny and Dance drink and smile and drink and smile along Commercial Drive.

The Drive. 21 blocks from Venables to 13th Ave. Eclectic! Bohemian! Vancouver’s Greenwich Village! It’s bucking the trend in North America towards homogenous shopping and dining experiences! –Commercial Drive Business Society

I arrived a few weeks ago. I’m teaching my nephew to walk, but mostly he’s teaching himself. As soon as I put my hands out, he grabs and pulls and gets moving.

A brief family tree: My sister’s a white American who subsists off her student visa and studies lesbians and natural disasters. Her Japanese wife is the one who managed to get a Canadian passport. They had a son with a Canadian donor who rescues ferrets with his girlfriend.

During last week’s date night, my sister and sister-in-law were seated by an older couple. When the man asked for the check, the waitress replied, “Sure thing,” and brought it promptly. When my sister asked for the check, the waitress asked, “Together or separate?”

I noticed that BC street-side signs show Coast Salish languages under English city names. I’ve never seen street signs in America with Native American language translations. As a kid I thought Native Americans didn’t exist anymore and imagined reservations as living history museums.

Headlines from the Vancouver Sun say Soaring aboriginal prison population a barometer of systemic racism and Vancouver is the most ‘Asian’ City outside Asia. What are the ramifications? and Foreign students make a big impact on Vancouver. We’re mostly all outsiders here.